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About page by Scoobie

Ha! We showed them! For years we were told that assembly just wasn't possible on the 82. And I, along with many others, was duped! I read Jing-Jang Ju's stupid Z-Shell peanuts analogy and thought, "Yeah, I suppose he's right." Then came Doug Torrance's 82 Hack info. Using hex editors and to create more than the specified amount of pictures, matrices, lists, everything. I thought, "Hmm, there are definite Zshell-like capabilites here." And then it happened...I take a peak at the TI-Files and lo and behold, Ash and OShell-82. I immediately downloaded both and Ash didn't work. Only ROM version 19!?!? What the f...!??! But my nerves were soon calmed after Oshell booted up with no problem. (Ash now works on ROM versions 16-19, but you have to recompile all of the programs for them to work. )

Addon by Squirrel
Ash is now at version 3, JASS has been floating around, and Ash and OShell's owners are working together to make a new and improved shell. Hopefully this will win out over the cross calculator shells. There should soon be an article on why these are inherently a bad idea. Return to the main page