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By: Scoobie
Authors: Eggplant Farms
Beta Testers: Tom Lake

HAL is a rumored program that allows you to write programs for the TI-82 using a language similar to TI-BASIC, that then changes your code into ASM. I was first informed of this beta program in the TI-Calc Newsgroup and wrote to the person that mentioned using it. The message follows:
Date: Sunday, July 06, 1997 10:14 PM
Subject: Re: HAL
>You mentioned in the TI newsgroup that you have used the Beta
>version of this program. Is there a site devoted to this project? And if
>so, is the beta available to the public or only a select few? Thank you
>for your time.

So far the HAL beta is limited. The final version should be available within two weeks, though. It'll be worth the wait.

Tom Lake

I'll keep you posted as more information about HAL is released. If HAL is anything like its 85 counterpart, which it most likely will be, using it will create good ASM programs...but never great. If you want to make a truly great game, learn ASM. Still, for those who are too lazy or too accustomed to TI-BASIC, HAL should provide an nice alternative.
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