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Super HAL - What? When? Where?
By: Scoobie

Author: Eggplant Farms
Super HAL is a Windows program which gives HAL a more professional look. It is currently compatible with the 85 (ZShell - CShell - OShell) and the 83. There is a 50/50 chance that HAL will also support 82 ASM upon its debut. Eggplant Farms said, "If all goes as scheduled, HAL will support the 82 when released." I'm assuming this goes for the 86 as well. No word yet on which shell will be supported for the 82. Despite this fact, using HAL to produce either of the shells' programs, is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the other shell. How? Via Thomas Hruska's Ash <-> OShell-82 Development Kit. It would be great if Thomas and Eggplant Farms could work together to make an option for SuperHAL to compile 82 ASM programs in 1. Ash 2. OShell-82 3. Both. Are you guys listening?
Super HAL is going to be released on Thursday, July 31st at 8:00pm EDT. There will also be an IRC SuperHAL Release Party on the same day starting at 7:00pm EDT and extending to 10:00pm. As soon as the specific IRC channel is released, I will post it. (This information will most likely also be sent through the Assembly-82 List and the TI-8x Newsgroup).
Right here! This page is a HAL mirror site. As soon as HAL is released, expect to see it promptly at the HAL Section. The main HAL site is unknown at this point in time.

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