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Help File
ROM Dump Takes yer' stuff contained in ROM, displays it on dat' dar screen a' yers', an' if yer' smart 'nuff, ya'll know what it means.
Z80 Instruction Set A listing of many Z80 ASM commands, followed by a short description. Dug out of an old FTP archive by Turtlex99
How To Hack The 82 Mattias Lindqvist put together this great "How To" file. It basically tells you how to go about making your own shell for 82 ASM. Thanks, Mattias! I know plenty of people were curious about this. (Note: This file was distributed through the Assembly-82 List.)
Gander Similar to HexEdit, but without the editing. However, it features numbering in hex, not dec. and allows you to jump to a specific byte in the program. This makes it easier to hack.
Graph Buffer Source Code: Graph Buffer to LCD manipulation.
FIX.COM Updates the checksum of modified .82p files. If you want to make your ASM programs edit-locked, you can use a HexViewer, change the necessary characters, and then use
LINKPORT Program to read link port status.
Turbo Changes the interrupts on the calc. to speed things up. Makes a pretty big difference in ASM and a minor one BASIC.
Fake Mem cleared Mem cleared!? Oh no!
ROM Virus 1.0 Fake ROM Virus program.
ASCII-82 Source Code: Displays all of the available ASCII characters in the 82.
CALCOFF Turns the calc. off and when turned back on, returns you to the Ash shell. (Warning: Removing the batteries when the calc. is turned off this way will clear your memory.)
Battery Max 1.0 Notice how batteries are still good after you they're toast on your calculator? This program allows you to adjust the contrast even higher to suck every last drop of power out of those triple A's.
HexView Source Code: Allows you to view parts of the calculator's RAM.
_GETKEY Codes Source Code: Displays the value of the key pressed when the _GETKEY command is called. (*Note: Using _GETKEY, the calc. actually pauses for a key press, whereas GET_KEY doesn't.)
Hello World! Source Code: Displays ''Hello World!'' on the screen. Use this to learn how to place strings on the LCD.
KeyFinder Source Code: Displays return values for the GET_KEY call function.
BOUNCE.ZIP Source Code: A ball bounces around the screen.
CHARTEST.ZIP Source Code: Displays all of the 82's characters.
FX.ZIP Source Code: Screen Reverser.
GRAPH.ZIP A header file that contains routines for plotting, deleting, checking, & changing pixels.
GREYLIB.ZIP Greyscale Library for the 82. Created by Dines Justesen. Note the 82 Greyscale is slower and is not as sharp as the 85. But still...=)
GREYTEST.ZIP Source Code: Test Greyscale program.(Check out what 82 greyscale looks like!)
INT82.ZIP Using interrupts for use in programs.
KEYTEST.ZIP Viewing KeyScan codes for the keys. Wanna' make games? Read this!
SHOWPIC.ZIP Displays greyscale image by ''flipping through'' pics. 2-8. Use of the Shell allows this process to be as fast as possible.
DUMP82.ZIP Source Code: Program To Dump Any Specified ROM Page
82-PORTS.TXT A Programmer's Guide To The TI-82 Ports
82-RAM.TXT A Programmer's Guide To The TI-82 RAM
82-ROM.TXT A Programmer's Guide To The TI-82 ROM
82-VAR.TXT A Programmer's Guide To The TI-82 Variables & Memory Placement