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Squirrel's TI-82/85 Spot

Ash and OShell pics
With the emergence of TI-82 assembly comes 2 new shells. Ash and OShell-82. Which will win over programmers, and thus gamers? Too soon to tell now, but the number of programs available will obviously drive the competition. Ash has taken the lead on this department. However, OShell has recently gained the support of Alex Highsmith, of the acclaimed Final Fantasy series. He's done working on FFX4. Despite this Ash is still the clear winner, and supposedly smaller than OS82 and OShell. OS82's creator is working with the creator of Ash to write a new shell that intends to replace Ash and OShell. This will eliminate the need for JASS, a compatibility shell that only exists to allow people to run programs from either shell. Unfortunately just when we're about to get down to one shell, everyone and their brother is making another shell. What is needed is one shell with public source code so that the bugs can be quickly stamped out. Anyone would be able to submit updates and bug fixes to the authors, who would be the only distributers so that at any one time there would be one site guarenteed to have the latest version.