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OS-82 - ASM Operating Shell
By: Jason Todd

A fter compaints about the variable Q, the annoying, changing banner atop the screen and the large font, it appears Jason was listening.
OS-82 is OShell-82...only better. Graphically, OShell has been given a complete overhaul. OS-82 features a nice menu similar to UsGuard for those of you who own an 85. The Main Menu allows you to run your programs, exit the shell, or shut down the calculator. A highlighted bar makes using the shell very simple. No memorizing what key does what, OS-82 is simple up arrow, down arrow, enter access. Want to view more programs? Press enter on More Programs. Interesting concept, huh? OS-82 also features the menu-style font for longer file descriptions. OS-82 is a major improvement over its predecessor, OShell.

Don't worry, OS-82 is still OShell-82 internally. No conversion utility needed to convert OShell games to OS-82. Jason has stated in the docs. that OS-82 now supports all of the ROM_CALLS. One, minor internal change, which doesn't affect programs, is the removal of the ''Q'' variable as the ''shell interrupt.'' Thank you Jason! He now uses ''invalid'' variables called Web and GridOn. Do *NOT* delete these, else your calc. will crash.

The facelift was good to OShell and it's now easier to use and just better looking.
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