Dumb Jumping Man Ver.1.0 Updated: 2 more speeds, wall graphics, minor gameplay changes - A pong-type game where a guy who jumps off the building needs to be kept in the air for as long as possible. (Now works with Ash 2.0!) See the review
Deutsch TRON 1.0 It's's in German. =) The game isn't going to win any awards...mostly 'cause the controls react according to the game speed. Only a slight tap is necessary for the higher speeds. (Yes, I know ''Sehr schnell'' doesn't work as it should.)
Tunnel 1.0 It's the classic tunnel-type game in which you maneuver left & right to avoid hitting those nasty walls. Take any BASIC game with the same concept, multiply the speed by 5 and you have Tunnel. Source is included for this game. Always a plus! =)
Pong 1.3 It's Pong without the frills. It's a 2-Player game with adjustable speed. (*Note: This is not meant to be a great game...just a game.) See the review
Weave A fast-paced game where you must weave in and out of the approaching lines. The graphics aren't worth squinting at, but the code is. ASM 82 programmers should especially examine the getkey rountine used.
Columns An exact replica of the 85 version. Blocks fall from right to left (Or top to bottom if you hold the calc. sideways) and try to match 3 block types in a row. Features a SAVE game option. Very nice!
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