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Dumb Jumping Man
By: Don Barnes

L ook! It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's... a pterodactyl on crack? Filled with some humor and fast gameplay, Dumb Jumping Man is a decent game.
The object of the game is simple enough; stop the man from hitting the pavement. Using a pong-like interface, you move the trampoline underneath him. If the tramp is moving when you make contact, you send DJM in that direction. DJM is subject to gravity, so he doesn't bounce around all day. You score 1 point for every successful bounce, although he must be moving left or right as well. What do you do when DJM is at rest on the tramp? Press the Up key! The up key will bounce DJM higher...don't stop pressing it and he'll come up from the bottom of the screen. =)

The graphics are okay. DJM is no longer a stick, but how much detail can you add to a game like this? Options include 3 speeds. Something you'll only see in an 82 ASM game. =)

Overall, DJM is fun for a while, but grows old rather quickly. DJM bounces up, falls down, bounces up, falls get the idea. This is Mr. Barnes' first ASM game though, so expect bigger and better in the future. =) (Deepest apologies for my original, erroneous review which stated DJM would stop bouncing. I neglected to read the documentation and thus came off sounding like a fool. Heh. Seriously though, how many of you read the instructions to a video game before you play it??? Hehehe. Okay, so this is a review, not playing the game. =) Sorry, Don Barnes. And thank you Andrew Tipton for pointing out this flagrant mistake. )
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