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Pong 1.3
By: Scoobie

L ong live the Atari classics! Variable speed, but limited options and blan gameplay set this 2 player Pong as an only okay game.
You know the story. A ball bounces from the left to the right and the player must stop the ball from passing his side. Sound easy? It is so long as the speed is kept down. There are 5 different speeds to choose from and you can turn scoring off, or play from 1 - 255.

What this game lacks is 1 player mode and most importantly, the different ball angles depending on where the ball contacted the paddle. This makes the game pretty boring since you can't use trick hits to throw off the other player.

Lack of features pits this game as so-so, but it was created in 4 hours just so another game was available for Ash for all the whining gamers out there. =)
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